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How to Get a Shag in 59 Languages

By Peter Goesinya

ISBN 1-905102-40-2 • 144x111mm • 160pp • £4.99 • pb • May 2006

You're abroad, you're in a bar, and you've had a few drinks. From across the smoke-filled room, you spot a real looker and fancy your chances. What do you do: speak English very loudly and slowly in the hope they'll get your meaning or brush up on the key phrases that will guarantee you score?

This book contains essential foreign leg-over lingo which will mean you will succeed whilst all your friends fail.


Fancy a shag?

Ci facciamo una scopata?
(Shall we sleep out together?)
pronounced: tchee fa'tchamo oona skopata

You’re on!

Va bene, allora prendo il cappotto
(Yeah, ok then, I’ll get my coat)
pronounced: vah ('a' as in 'father') beyne,
allora (strong 'l') preyndle cappotto

The brush-off

Neanche se mi paghi
(Not even if you paid me)
pronounced: neyanchey sey mee pagee


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