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By Dan Vice

ISBN 1-905102-24-0
£2.99, PB

To be a Goth is to be unique, creative and misunderstood. However, in order to be considered truly ‘gothic’, it is necessary to conform to certain rules. This little guide will tell you all you need to know about the dark and mysterious Goth world: popular myths and stereotypes; how to spot, become or insult a Goth; Goth philosophy; and the mating ritual. Be afraid.

The Art of Lurking

This is really a very simple art to master.
What you need to remember is that shadows are your friends. You should try to lurk in a demure but theatrical manner, glowering enigmatically from your corner – this all adds to the mysterious persona that you are attempting to create.
If you are still a potential Gothlet, you will want to find a group to loiter rebelliously with. This is best done in daylight as you are not yet allowed out after 9pm.
It is easy to make people suspicious and wary of you and, if in doubt, adopt a vampiric pose and hope for the best!

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