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Established in 2004, we are a small publishing company specializing in impulse-buy humour and gift books for the adult market.

Our wide range of titles includes:

* Topical and fun books, 'stocking fillers' (Shag Yourself Slim, The World's Rudest Place Names, 101 Revenge Tricks, Apathy: A Cause Not Worth Fighting For, The Little Book of Asbos...)

* Internet-related books (Twitter, Chat Room Wind-Ups, Weird Websites, The Little eBay Book...)

* Books for students (Classic Student Drinking Games, 101 Things to Do at University, Are Ya' Bovvered? 500 Reasons Not to Give a Shit...)

* Gift books for the older market (Getting Old is When..., Past Your Sell-by Date Yet?, How to be a Happy Old Man, How to be a Ghastly Grandparent and Have Fun!...)

* Puzzle and indoor games books (Sudoku, Kakuro, Strip Poker, Texas Hold 'Em...)

* Word books (The Mellifluous Book of Hard Words, Talking Bollocks!, Unpleasant Words, Mark My Words: By and Large, The World's Most Annoying Cliches...)

* Baby names books (Scottish Baby Names, Unusual Baby Names)

* Scottish-interest books, both humorous and reference (Why Did the Haggis Cross the Road? And Other Scottish Jokes, Scottish Wit & Wisdom, The Concise Dictionary of Scottish Words and Phrases, Auld Scottish Grannies' Remedies...)

* Sports books (Stumped! The World's Funniest Cricket Quotes, Own Goals! The World's Funniest Football Quotes...)

* Books for women (Oh My God, I'm 40!, Why Men Fart and Women Pick Flowers, Everything I Know About Men I Learnt From My Dog...)

* Law-related books (I Sue You! The World's Craziest Court Cases, The World's Funniest Laws, You're Nicked! The World's Craziest Crimes...)

* Plenty more to choose from (That's Life, Cannabis Trips, The Arse in Art, The Little Book of Cynics...)

Most of our titles are put together in-house, so if there is anything you'd like to see us publish, we'd love to hear from you: you can contact us at admin@crombiejardine.com or send a message via Twitter or Facebook.


Catriona Jardine
David Crombie

Crombie Jardine Publishing Limited
Office 2, 3 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2FJ
Registered in England and Wales: 5186505


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